Monday, January 26, 2009

New Karaoke bar opened

Yxo & Medvedev - the fish soup and the bear

....this is the strange name of the first karaoke bar opened in Novosibirsk. Situated very close to the centre exactly on the corner of Ulitsa Lenina and Sovetskaia, it is expected to be very successful considering that Russian people love singing and are pretty good at that.
What about the international people leaving in Novosobirsk? We will soon have to find out!

Please if you have been there or you plan to go there let us have your comment.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Welcome back and Happy 2009 to everyone!

I know that a popular new year resolution is to start going to the gym or get fitterin the new year, well...good news for those who chose this one this year. In Akademgorodok they have just opened a new swimming pool. It si situated behind the main university building, it is brand new and definitely one to go to. They offer courses for both kids and adults, aqua aerobic classes or simply free swimming (in slots of 45 minutes) and it is open every day from 8am to 11pm.

Sport Complexes in Akademgorodok

Not only the university offers a place where to practice sport, there are different centres in Akademgorodok where to go to follow your new year resolution. I would list here 3 of the most popular.

Remix - includes weight lifting training area, gym classes that vary from yoga to kick booxing, martial arts courses for kides and adults and a swimming pool. They also have 2 centres in the city. Check online

MC2 - a nice, small and welcoming centre on Akademiceskaja that specialises in yoga and pilates and gymnastic for those people who would like to relax and meditate

5 Element - on Tirescova, near the supermarket Holiday offers different classes and especially dance courses from Latin American to hip hop. Also on the first floor of the same building you can find 5 Element beauty centre, a nice little centre where you can treat yourself.