Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer is not only for tanning in Novosibirsk...especially!

If you are staying in Novosibirsk to enjoy the Siberian summer you can definetely find plenty of activities and events to go to and enjoy. Here a quick overview of interesting events happening in July.

18-19 July: Hotel Sosnovka (towards Bersk) presents the ''Festival of water and extreme sports'' with an exhibition of waterjets and waterjets competitions. See also

22 July at Bariadcka Sabbaka (this is avery nice club in the city centre) and 23 July at Nii-Kuda (Akadem) will host Russian, fairly famous, singer Inna Gelanna. Her music style covers all Russian regions.

23 July: Saxophon concert at the summer veranda of Pobeda (cinema in Novosibirsk)

26 July a Book-Party will be held at the Botanical Garden in Akademgorodok. Open Air and open reading are the highlight of this event.

BUT if you simply want to enjoy the sun and possibly get some tan here a list of events that will be held at the most popular beach of Akademgorodok: Cvezda!!!! Don't think it is going to be quite.

In Akademgorodok at walking distance from Morskoi Prospekt at Czezda beach:

- on the 17th of July will take place a Beer Marathon a competition on beer drinking!!!

For those who like dancing more than drinking:

- on the 18th Cvezda present ''Beach Party'' with live music
- on the 24th ''School Disco'' (80's music)
- on the 25th ''Latin American'' Beach Party
- on the 31st ''Rock'' Beach Party