Monday, March 15, 2010

who is an EXPAT?

I have decided that to start this new BLOG dedicated to expats and expats' life I shall first of all give a definition of what or better who is an expat, which kind of criteria are used to define someone as an expat. From tresaurus dictionary an expat (short for expatriate) is ''a person who is voluntarily absent from home or country''
....and what is the difference between expat and emigrant? and again what kind of meaning shall we give to ''voluntarily''? I will look into all the different aspects that create a person an expat, the benefits and difficulties that being away from home country can mean.

If interested and have topics and questions to ask me please write your comment and I will be happy to write about them.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hi all, it is time to change so with a new look I am here to introduce you the new life of this blog. As an expat I am now ready to move onto a new adventure and will soon leave Russia but I liked writing articles, looking around for things to do and useful information so I have decided to keep the blog and just give it a different spin. My focus will be to keep in mind all the people who live like expats somewhere in the world and post news, announcements, info that could be useful for them.

Hope you will enjoy it, I will :)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

C Novim Godom... a bit late

....And I am back, after the LOOOONG Russian holidays and ''few'' more days I am back wishing you all Happy 2010 and hoping to write something interesting also for this year. I have just discovered a review on TripAdvisor of Goodman's one of my favourite restaurants in town . I suppose another expat wrote it and I can't disagree with the comments. Also on Trip Advisor another Novosibirsk Restaurant is advised and wanting to be the first one to write on Trip Advisor, this time, I will have to try it this week end and let you know about it. The name is Shamrock and it is an Irish Pub on Namurkya street.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Waiting for the Christmas Holidays

Hi All, we are guaranteed a white Christmas here in Novosibirsk and few other things, activities and shows don't stop during this holiday time but actually grow.
Here the first taste of what is waiting for us in December. On Wednesday December, 9 the German Film Festival will open at the Cinema Pobeda. A rich program presents 3 new and pluri-awarded German films per day. To mention only few that you might have heard of: Vodka and Whisky a drama-comedy that will be on Friday at 6.30pm and more Hilde on Saturday night at 8pm.
For the full program and info on the tickets please click here

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Italian Film Festival in Novosibirsk

The Italian Film Festival opens tomorrow at Cinema Pobeda and will last till next Monday (November 16). It offers a rich program to celebrate classic and new Italian movies and the always good relationship existed between Russian and Italian art and culture. This year the films showed are mainly recent movies celebrating the new Italian wave of important and already popular young directors that flourished in the last years.
Here below you can find the schedule for this rich 5 days of Italian movies and my comments on some of those movies that I know of. The movies will be shown in Italian with English subtitles (don't ask me why) and with a translator present in the room (don't ask me why here either), a part from 2 movies that have been already dubbed in Russian: "Gamorra" e ''Night of Caribia''
Festival Program:
12 November (Thursday)19:00 — Festival Overture«The Lake Girl» (drama)
13 November (Friday)19.00 — «Mid Summer Dinner party» (comedy)
14 November (Satrday)18.00 —«Gamorra» (thriller/drama)
15 November (Sunday)16:00 — «Family Friend» (comedy) 18:00 — «Forget to think, Jonny!» (drama)
16 November (Monday)18:30 — «Night of Caribiria» Federico Fellini (1957)

In my opinion definitely worth seeing ''Gamorra'' a film based on the best seller book written by Roberto Saviano a prominent young author that conducted deep researches and has real experience in the mafia environment of Napoli and southern Italy.
Very interesting could also be the film ''Family friend'', in fact the director found inspiration for this movie during an adventorous trip to Siberia.
I'll be there :)