Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Italian Film Festival in Novosibirsk

The Italian Film Festival opens tomorrow at Cinema Pobeda and will last till next Monday (November 16). It offers a rich program to celebrate classic and new Italian movies and the always good relationship existed between Russian and Italian art and culture. This year the films showed are mainly recent movies celebrating the new Italian wave of important and already popular young directors that flourished in the last years.
Here below you can find the schedule for this rich 5 days of Italian movies and my comments on some of those movies that I know of. The movies will be shown in Italian with English subtitles (don't ask me why) and with a translator present in the room (don't ask me why here either), a part from 2 movies that have been already dubbed in Russian: "Gamorra" e ''Night of Caribia''
Festival Program:
12 November (Thursday)19:00 — Festival Overture«The Lake Girl» (drama)
13 November (Friday)19.00 — «Mid Summer Dinner party» (comedy)
14 November (Satrday)18.00 —«Gamorra» (thriller/drama)
15 November (Sunday)16:00 — «Family Friend» (comedy) 18:00 — «Forget to think, Jonny!» (drama)
16 November (Monday)18:30 — «Night of Caribiria» Federico Fellini (1957)

In my opinion definitely worth seeing ''Gamorra'' a film based on the best seller book written by Roberto Saviano a prominent young author that conducted deep researches and has real experience in the mafia environment of Napoli and southern Italy.
Very interesting could also be the film ''Family friend'', in fact the director found inspiration for this movie during an adventorous trip to Siberia.
I'll be there :)

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