Monday, March 16, 2009

French movie festival and one French restaurant (to try)

I found out today speaking with the French chef (already a good sign) that recently a new elegant, high quality french restaurant has opened. The name is not very French or not even European but I would definetely recomend it. Here more details on it:
Yasnaya Polyana Restaurant
Address: Borisa Bogatkova, 163/8
Contacts: 260-21-23

Let me know what you think about it once you have tried. 

FRENCH Movie Festival - to open soon

For all French expats and not only, the French film Festival will be starting on March, 26th and will continue till April, 1st.  10 French movies will be shown at the Cinema POBEDA in the orginal language with Russian subtitles.
Please see below some movies' titles that will be shown and information on how to find tickets:
  • March, 26 - French Festival Opening showing the movie 'FRANCE' from 7pm 
  • March, 27 at 7pm documentary about director Frederique Oburten followed by his movie 'a bridge between two coasts' at 9pm
  • March, 28 at 6pm the movie '7 years' will be showed
  • March, 29 at 6pm  the movie 'all is simple'
  •  March, 31 at 7pm the movie 'on the ring'
  • April, 1 at 7pm the final movie of the festival ' 13square metre'
For tickets you can call: 362 02 11 or look at POBEDA website 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

'German' springs in Novosibirsk began

All, please have a look at this link below (in Russian and German).  A new Goethe institute has been founded in Novosibirsk and for the inauguration they have organised events (check their link throughout the whole month of March. A couple of highlights selected by me for you here below:
15.03.2009, 21 Uhr
popSTANCIJA LaBrassBanda 
ul. Tereschkowoi 12
Tel. +7 383 2910450
Art-Klub "NII KuDA"
19.03.2009, 18:30
tanzСТАНЦИЯ E-Motion 
Новосибирск, 630099
ул. Ленина, 19
тел.: 8 383 210 06 71
Театр "Красный факел" Новосибирск  


Electric Night
26.03.2009, 22:00 
ул. Ядринцевская, 14
тел.: 8 383 299 64 64
Vogue кафе "DOЖDЬ"

21.03.2009, 19:00
Jeans Team

Красный проспект, 37
тел.: 8 383 227 01 08
Клуб "Rock City" 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Welcoming Russian Spring!

HI everybody, I am sorry I have neglected this site for a while but I have been travelling recently. Anyway I was back in time, March 1st to say goodbye to winter with the traditional burning Zima (winter) gone..not sure why in Siberia winter finishes before than eevrywhere else and it is still -15....and welcoming Vesno (Spring).

A lot is on - here below only some highlights and a more programme will follow:
  • Rock Group Dolphin LIVE at Rock City March, 14th (if interested, tel. num (383) 20 20 454)
  • Exhibition of Art and typical objects from African villages on from March, 4th till march, 6th
  • Fancy a comedy? Then you could go to the 'Figaro Here' play on at the Comedy Thatre of Novosibirsk on March, 12th
  • Forever ballets? Don't miss Vaiaderka on at the Opera Thatre on March, 6th, 7th and 15th or the Premiere that mixes classic and modern ballets' styles on march 11th or for something even extremely modern and experimental you should try to go to the Theatre Fakel for the new show 'Sibstanzia_09'

Have a good time! and don't forget there is more to come for March and our Siberian spring.

New Place to try - Ristorante Il Faro

We all know where River Park Hotel is and we have also walked around it along the river Ob but we have never tried to go and tried the restaurant on the first floor. It is an Italian Restaraunt, pretty elengant and pretty authentic. I still have to find out if the chef is italian but quality and flavours definetely are. So I must try!