Thursday, October 29, 2009

From Jazz to Blues - November Highlights

In this November session we have a close look at what the Philarmonic theatre in Novosibirsk is offering. The program is definitely a full one, there are concerts or performances on almost everyday.
The followings seem to be fresh and could be particularly of interest for our audience:
  • The group ''Jazz do it'' will perform on Saturday, November 14 starting at 18.30
  • More on the classical side a ''Fantasy mix'' of different Operas' themes, a good introduction to whom is interested in operas and wants to know more about them before listening to a full one. On Friday, November 20th starting at 18.30
  • Going back to modern contemporary style of music, on Tuesday November 24th the evening will offer a Blues Guitar night with melodies and songs from the 80's, 90's and latest (18.30 start)
  • For lovers of Italian melodic music, on Wednesday November 25th, will be possible to listen to Italian operas, operette, arie and songs from classic Italian movies (18.30 start)
  • Last but not least Jean Claude Gallotte a French Director presents his Modern Ballet on Friday, November 27th from 19.30
For more information and tickets

Monday, October 12, 2009

International Music Festival - Jazz Jeans

For all Jazz fans and non, next week will see 3 full days of Jazz music with 4 different bands and different international guests playing. From October 22nd through 24th at DK Stroiteli* in Novosibirsk 3 groups will animate the Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Starting with Big Band a great jazz band that has already many times performed in the House of Scientists supported by 3 special guests, one from the States and 2 from germany.
On Friday, 23 the, DK Stroiteli will host 3 different bands: the Siberian Diksilend with Roy Young from the States, the Quartet with Igor Dimitrieva and Billy Evans as special guest for the Trio of Alex Nakimovski.

And if you still want to go with the jazz flow there are two different events to listen to jazz music on Saturday, 24th. Again at DK Stroiteli 2 special guests from the States who will complete the ''International Band'' in the final night of Jazz Jeans festival.

At Izum (the club founded by Ibrahim Ivanovich) not far from the city centre Jim Shein will perform starting from 9pm.

For more information please call: 333 36 82. For Izum related info only, please call: 217 48 17
Tickets are between 600r and 1500r
*at DK Stroiteli music will start at 7pm and at Izum it will start at 9pm